Women Retreat France | Octobre 2019

Témoignage d’Audrey

« These 5 days women retreat with Les Allumettes was truly life changing.

 17 women opening their hearts and fears to find their trueselves. Opening doors, past experiences,

stepping into our darkest fears and anxieties, to understand who we really are. It was not easy, but Caroline & Zoe made of these 5 days a magic journey into ourselves. Ceremonies, yoga, meditations, singing, dancing, painting, setting intentions, moments of sharing, revelations, connecting with other women, in order to be revealed to ourselves and to others as we really are, and let go. Without artifices, without ego, simply with the pure essence of our souls.

This opening work, allowed us to purify, to heal, to renew, to find our inner creativity, this wild woman that we all have deep inside us. This beautiful woman who only asks to shine and love.

Understanding our emotions, accept them, kiss them, reconnect with our Yin; this powerful feminine part that we have all inside us, it was time to leave behind this masculine who always try to control everything, in search of perfection in professional life, family, love .. It was time for me to let go and surrender. This seed has been planted, and this is the beginning of something magical. I will forever be grateful. »

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