07 août

Yoga Flow with Ola & Zoé in Lisboa

Jardim da Estrela

On donation

When two beating hearts of the collectives Les Alumettes & Les Amazones parisiennes meet in Lisboa, they propose to share a qualitative time with Yoga and more.

Yoga is the pretext to move the body to reach the soul, and the asana practice becomes the guide to connect with the Essence. We invite you for a Vinyasa Flow by Ola Jas enrobed with a Metta Meditation by Zoe Topiro, followed by a Connection time with surprises.

The event aims at creating a safe and pleasant space where everyone is welcome, therefore, it is addressed for all level (beginners welcome!), and it si by donation (take what you need, give what you can is the principle of the Dhana economy).
The course will be held in English mostly with a little bit of French and Portuguese if needed 😉

We are ready to be part of the change we wanna see in the world, and welcome you on board.

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