30 janvier

INSIDE IN • Online • Ecstatic Dance • Visionquest Breathwork • Shamanic Circle • Yoga • Meditation

10am to 7pm
Contribution from 10 to 60 Euros

From INSIDE OUT retreat we open the gates for INSIDE IN online gathering • A similar deep adventure but this time experienced inside your sacred nest • Saturday we meet for a combination of diverse rituals, we will start from morning till afternoon, all you need is a mobile phone or a computer to connect with us, we recommend headphones or good speakers for a better experience

10am • Osho Dynamic Meditation
11am • Yin Yoga by Les Allumettes
12am • Totem Shamanic Drum Circle by Miguel Sevilhano

1pm • Break

3pm • Ecstatic Dance by Mushina
5pm • Visionquest Breathwork by Miguel and Mushina
6pm • Surprise

GMT (Lisbon / London Time)

Contribution from 10 to 60 Euros


Hosted by
Mushina Music
Miguel Sevilhano Vision Quest
Les Allumettes

See you soon amigos 😊

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